The Forecast "Everybody Left"

Image of The Forecast "Everybody Left"


The Forecast are proud to announce their new album Everybody Left, available April 17th via Clifton Motel Records. In addition to physical and digital formats, the album will also be released on vinyl. Everybody Left marks the band’s fifth full-length album, coming on the heels of their 2010 self-titled (an album considered to be one of the Most Essential of 2010 by Alternative Press).

Since their formation in 2001, the Illinois-based quartet has perfected their unique blend of indie rock, bringing to mind strains of pop-punk, classic rock, and Americana. With a solidified lineup since 2004 of Dustin Addis (vocals/guitar), Shannon Burns (bass/vocals), Tony Peck (drums) and Kevin Ohls (guitar), The Forecast mix electric and acoustic guitars, complex harmonies and a solid backbone of toe-tapping drums.

1. Everybody Left
2. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts
3. Like A Habit
4. Skyline
5. Sing It Out
6. Skipping Stones
7. Figure It Out
8. Take Me Down
9. Way We Were
10. Last Stand

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